Instructions interpretations for beginners

Funny video tutorials based on instructional images, from street signs to airplane handouts. You may find the meanings aren’t quite … Continue reading

Super Hot Girls

Take pictures of beautiful girls. Touch them up a bit (the photos, not the girls, sorry). And here you have … Continue reading

Art Courses for Differently Cultured

What is the true meaning of art? These insane, completely false educational courses will explain what the artists really wanted … Continue reading

History Courses for Differently Cultured

What do we really know about ancient civilization? Well, plenty, but not everything! These tutorial videos on ancient civilization will … Continue reading


Gossip News

What’s going on in the golden world of showbiz? Weddings, hookups, babies on the way, fights and reconciliations: All the … Continue reading

Motor News

The latest world news on two or four wheels: Previews, trials, and brand new vehicles.

Mom Lessons

A daily course to prepare you for motherhood. From the first days of pregnancy, to that most beautiful moment!

Memory Training

Tips, games, and useful hints to train your memory and stay mentally fit!

Stop Smoke

Decided to stop smoking? Every day, a different phrase to encourage you to perservere!

In shape!

Enough with the sit-ups. Get your body in that athletic shape you envy in just a few weeks with this … Continue reading

Science News

The latest world news in science and technology: To help you keep up with the latest discoveries and high-tech happenings!

Style matters!

Style matters! Tips and suggestions to find the right look in every season and every situation.

Cooking master

Got friends for dinner but the fridge is empty? Here is a series of simple, fast recipes that’ll make you … Continue reading


From Area 51 to the Mayan apocalypse, a collection of all the mysteries that have not yet found a solution. … Continue reading

Pick up lines

A compilation of irresistible phrases to use on the ladies. Romantic? Brazen? Take your pick, whatever works!

Hot Kamasutra

Every, and I mean every, position of the Kamasutra, and even more! All explained in detail and illustrated, to make … Continue reading

Casanova Tips

Would you like to seduct a certain man or woman out there? Here is a series of tips and tricks … Continue reading

Test 4 fun

A series of ways to test yourself: love, life, friends, looks, preferences… Discover who you are. Answer the questions and … Continue reading

Sex Tips

Tricks to make her (or him) go “Wow!”. Making your sex life spicier, easier, and overall better is easier than … Continue reading

Sex Tales

Muy calientes (and above all, explicit) erotic stories to satisfy your darker needs! Warning: Readers under 18 are not allowed!

Love Calculator

Put in your name. Okay, now put in the name of another person of your choice, and find your love … Continue reading

Love Quotes

Ipse dixit: The most beautiful, unforgottable words of love of all time. Use them on your partner, or a new … Continue reading

LOL Calculators

Would you like to find your ideal job? Your sexual affinity with a celebrity? Or who you were in a … Continue reading

Total Trivia

Put yourself to the test in a series of categories (music, sports, cinema, football, culture): Thousands of questions to test … Continue reading


Zombie Life

The world won’t be the same after the zombie apocalypse: It’ll be way more fun! If you don’t believe us, … Continue reading


A compilation of terrific news and cartoons on the news of the day, designed for view on mobile. Covering the … Continue reading

Fun Cards

Sometimes an image is the best way to say something to someone you know: Whether it’s love, friendship, anniversaries, or … Continue reading

Crazy Toons

A compilation of fantastic cartoons for view on mobile. Hilarious, insane, completely irresistible!