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Immortal Quotes

Ipse dixit: The most acute, unforgettable aphorisms from both the big names and the occasional “anonymous.” It’s all about the … Continue reading


A collection of strange, incredible facts. All true! Well, okay, not all of them. See if you can tell which … Continue reading

Urban Legends

A collection of urban legends that are more or less credible. Hey, if they weren’t false, we couldn’t call them … Continue reading

Crazy Almanac

An almanac like you’ve never seen: For every day of the year, you get a crazy or funny fact of … Continue reading

Funny Jokes

SometimesOh, so you think we only tell the “usual” jokes, huh? Well, yeah, sure. But our jokes have one advantage: … Continue reading


The only video horoscope that will tell you the truth. Okay, so maybe things are guaranteed to turn out badly, … Continue reading


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